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How to Help a New Employee Relocate

Posted on June 2021

How to Help a New Employee Relocate

Hiring mission-critical talent within the Regulatory and Legal function in the U.S. may involve looking further afield than the talent available locally, particularly if a specialized skill set is required to provide significant add-on value to your institution. Job offers that include attractive relocation packages can help identify high caliber and skilled employees to your business.   

“Sometimes you find the best talent miles away from their dream job, which shouldn’t be a reason to keep them from joining the team, comments Villory Rijker, Recruitment Consultant at Larson Maddox. Alongside financial assistance, “other ways to help the candidate make a smooth transition is to offer them advice on real estate offices in the area, fly them out a few weeks prior to their official move, or even be flexible with start dates to ease potential stresses.”

Follow these tips and insights on how to support an employee who is relocating, and create a competitive package that will help prepare an employee for a successful relocation; including how to cover spousal and partner support, and how to protect your initial investment by retaining the relocating employee. 

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