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  • A Shake Up of Regulation Changes for US Banks: Addressing Evolving Standards and Past Crises

    about 1 month ago

    In an impactful move, U.S. regulators have unveiled a comprehensive set of proposed changes to the capital requirements of banks. These changes reflect an adaptive response to both international evolving standards and the turbulent events from recent history, notably the 2008 financial crisis and the regional banking crisis in March.Setting the Context: The Twin CrisesThe 20...

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  • The rise of AI in the Regulatory & Legal industry

    8 months ago

    An AI tool passed the bar – what does this mean for you, and what is the wider impact to the legal & regulatory space? GPT-4, the AI model from OpenAI, scored enough on a bar exam to be admitted to practice law in most of the US states. This has raised many questions about the future of the legal & regulatory industry, including how AI could impact not just roles and career ...

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  • The Changing Dynamics of Diversity & Inclusion

    9 months ago

    How can those in the Regulatory & Legal industry promote a culture of equality? At Larson Maddox we believe that a truly meritocratic workforce values talent from all backgrounds, and that organizations flourish when they embrace diversity.Various research studies have proven that having a diverse workforce can lead to increased innovation and productivity, and we believe t...

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  • How to negotiate a salary you deserve

    over 1 year ago

    When seeking a new job, it’s imperative to know the market, understand where you fit within it, and form a realistic salary expectation to stick to. A good talent partner will help you to know your worth within the industry and organization you’re interviewing for and will assist with communicating those expectations back to the hiring manager, but no one is a better advocat...

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  • Regulatory Compensation Report

    over 1 year ago

    Do you know whether the compensation package you are offering regulatory candidates is higher or lower than the industry average? The Larson Maddox Regulatory Compensation Report covers salary trends across the regulatory landscape to assist you in creating an enticing compensation package to secure top regulatory talent in this candidate-driven market. For candidates, this ...

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