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The Growth of Litigation Attorneys in the US and the Rise of Litigation Funding

Posted on September 2023

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In the intricate tapestry of the US legal system, the rise of litigation attorneys and the booming world of litigation funding have created ripples that are changing the face of legal disputes. In this article, Larson Maddox delves into the landscape of US litigation, its attorneys, and how the surge in litigation funding is influencing the future of legal battles as well as recruitment in the industry.

Growth of Litigation Attorneys

  1. Complexity of Law: The US legal landscape has grown increasingly complicated over the years, leading to a demand for specialized litigation attorneys to navigate its ever-changing complexities.

  2. Increasing Business Litigations: With businesses expanding and markets becoming more competitive, disputes related to contracts, intellectual properties, and trade practices have increased, leading to a growing demand for litigation attorneys.

  3. Societal Changes: A society that is becoming more rights-conscious means that more people are seeking judicial recourse than ever, and facing a greater need for skilled attorneys to represent them.

Litigation Funding's Remarkable Rise

Litigation funding, once a relatively unknown concept, has now become a force to reckon with in the US. This model, where third-party entities fund litigation in exchange for a share of potential proceeds, has experienced meteoric growth.

Recent data from Bloomberg Law News shines a light on this trend. Through mid-2022, US litigation funders committed an astounding $3.2 billion to lawsuits, marking a nearly 16% increase from the preceding 12 months. Even more impressively, according to the fourth annual Westfleet Advisors survey, the 44 major litigation funders had assets totaling $13.5 billion under management.

Several factors are driving this trend:

  1. High Litigation Costs: The escalating costs associated with pursuing legal battles make third-party funding an attractive option for many plaintiffs.

  2. Mitigated Risks: Litigation inherently comes with financial risks. With third-party funders involved, these risks are spread, encouraging more entities to pursue legal remedies.

  3. Mainstream Acceptance: Initially viewed with skepticism, successful outcomes backed by litigation funding have bolstered its acceptance within the broader legal community.

Recruitment Impacts in the Era of Litigation Funding

The rise in litigation attorneys and the growth in litigation funding have significantly impacted legal recruitment:

  1. Increased Competition: The burgeoning field means that more attorneys are vying for prime positions, leading to a highly competitive recruitment environment.

  2. Diverse Hiring Initiatives: Modern law firms are prioritizing diverse backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to litigation.

  3. Technological Proficiency: The integration of technology into legal proceedings, like e-discovery and virtual courtrooms, necessitates a need for tech-savvy attorneys.

  4. Well-being Emphasis: Acknowledging the high-stress nature of litigation, forward-thinking law firms are focusing on mental well-being and work-life harmony in their cultures.

The US litigation landscape is undeniably experiencing a revolution. With the ever-growing emphasis on specialized litigation attorneys and the monumental expansion of litigation funding, we're witnessing transformative changes in how legal disputes are approached and resolved.

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