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The Blueprint for a Forward-Thinking Legal Department

Posted on September 2023

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Legal departments today are expected to be more than just support mechanisms for organizations; they're regarded as strategic partners. But what does that mean in practice, especially when they're juggling growing workloads and tightening budgets? Here’s a breakdown of the roadmap to strategic success for legal departments:

Identify the Organization's Mission

Legal teams must grasp the business's objectives, both short and long term. It’s essential to understand not only profit goals but the company's broader vision, its competitors, growth areas, and potential threats. Equally crucial is an awareness of revenue drivers and areas where the legal team can positively impact performance. In-house lawyers may need to actively seek this information, building relationships with key stakeholders like finance teams and sales executives.

Define Your Team's Goals

Once you understand the company's objectives, establish your team's Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). These should address overall business performance, team metrics, and alignment with company values. A valuable OKR is the practice of continuous improvement – always optimizing and iterating processes. Keep these OKRs alive in daily operations, not hidden in a drawer.

Navigate Legal Risks Strategically

While identifying and managing risks is a legal department's bread and butter, it's crucial to align on risk tolerances with senior leadership. Ensure that the legal team’s operations echo the organization's risk appetite. This harmony ensures the legal team isn't unintentionally hampering the business, especially in volatile economic climates.

Assess and Align Your Capabilities

Determine how your team will deliver on its objectives. This involves assessing your team's strengths and weaknesses across personnel, technology, processes, and data. Once you understand your capabilities, design a plan to manage and allocate resources efficiently. Solutions might include leveraging tech for routine tasks, bringing in external counsel for complex issues, or employing flexible legal teams to fill gaps.

Harness the Power of Data

Top-tier legal departments leverage technology to ensure a holistic view of all their tasks and documents. This data-driven approach goes beyond measuring basic metrics. Deep insights could reveal frequently negotiated contract clauses, workflow issues, or potential risk exposure.

Prioritize Team Wellbeing

A thriving legal department is only possible with an engaged and motivated team. Ensure that your team members are focused on value-driven tasks to avoid burnout from repetitive, low-value work. Utilize technology and outsourcing to free up your core team, boosting morale and professional satisfaction.

Stay Connected

The in-house legal community thrives on sharing and collaboration. Engaging with peers and reading industry reports like The Rise of the General Counsel can keep you updated on global legal trends.

Legal Recruitment

While being a strategic legal department might sound daunting, with focused intent and the right approach, it's achievable. Adopting these steps ensures that legal teams don't just operate in silos but actively contribute to their organization's overarall success.

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