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The Changing Dynamics of Diversity & Inclusion

Posted on March 2023

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How can those in the Regulatory & Legal industry promote a culture of equality?

At Larson Maddox we believe that a truly meritocratic workforce values talent from all backgrounds, and that organizations flourish when they embrace diversity.

Various research studies have proven that having a diverse workforce can lead to increased innovation and productivity, and we believe that you can change the conversation in the workplace from ‘Why invest in diversity?’ to ‘Can we afford not to?’.

Corporate reputation, doing the ‘right thing’ and consideration for the bottom line are not competing outcomes, and when they successfully align, organizations will have the best conditions to improve diversity in the workplace.

Larson Maddox goes beyond supporting clients with their hiring requirements. As industry experts, we are able to share insights on hiring trends and support organizations to ensure their processes meet the needs of the market, as Global Head of Larson Maddox, Jake Knowlton-Parry, explains:

“Ultimately, we have a responsibility – as recruiters we are a critical part of this process. We’re presenting candidates to our clients, so it’s on us. If we’re not conscious of diversity, then how are we helping our clients improve their diversity? If a client makes a mistake or an oversight in relation to diversity, we need to be there to bring that to their attention and help them change or improve that message and reality.

“It’s about helping clients keep an open mind to interview individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. Whether clients tell us to do this or not, we need to be doing it.”

As a leading talent partner, we offer recommendations to clients on how to improve their diversity regularly. Discover in this report key insights and views from Jake, as well as some of Larson Maddox’s global team, including:

  • Principal Consultant, Kimberly Chua

  • Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Legal, Lauren Robinson

  • Head of US Regulatory, Andrew Hastings

  • Senior Vice President and Chair of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Phaidon International, Nesreen Ballut

Discover their thoughts on ED&I and how they believe companies can increase diversity in the Regulatory & Legal space.