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The Case for Regulatory and Legal

Posted on September 2021

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With the launch of Larson Maddox this week, the latest Regulatory and Legal specialist talent partner that operates under the award-winning Phaidon International group portfolio, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our Global Head at Larson Maddox. Spearheading the business and leading the charge from our office hub in New York, we sat down with Jake Knowlton-Parry for an exclusive interview spotlight to discuss the launch of Larson Maddox and its place within the market.

How did you start covering Regulatory and Legal?

For me, it started in a different industry that I was actively recruiting and leading at the time, which was Wealth Management. In this space I often came across, and worked with, ex attorneys who made the switch to become Private Bankers or Financial Advisors. I worked alongside them actively within Trust and Wealth Planning, which crosses over with Legal talent specifically, so this was my first exposure to the Regulatory and Legal landscape. It intrigued me greatly due to the key requirement for Legal acumen, but also how diverse this space can be, as every company and industry across the globe needs Regulatory and Legal support.

I began working in the Regulatory and Legal hiring space initially in our Financial Services focused sister brand, Selby Jennings. It was here that I noticed an opportunity for us to deliver Regulatory and Legal talent across other industries through Phaidon International’s group of micro-specialist brands, expanding coverage in Life Sciences, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and so on. The success of our multi-industry coverage, coupled with the growing demand for talent in these specific sectors, led to the decision that a dedicated Regulatory and Legal platform, which sits in the Phaidon International group, was needed to best support clients and ultimately sharpen our service offering.

What is your background at Phaidon International?

I’m reaching my 10-year anniversary in November – a great landmark to hit! I joined in 2011 and started as a Junior Consultant in the London office, when we had around 60 people globally operating from 1 office.

After previously growing the Wealth Management space for 2 years in London, and then relocating to New York to strengthen our U.S. presence, I spent the last several years embarking on a journey to develop the Regulatory and Legal specialization, and global team, within the Phaidon International group.

Why did you decide to launch Larson Maddox?

From a business-critical standpoint, externally, I visibly saw the demand for high-caliber Regulatory and Legal professionals and witnessed the struggle clients were having to navigate the complexities of the talent landscape. From the demand in the market and client sentiment across the Phaidon International group, the Regulatory and Legal talent market required an industry-specialized, global firm that could provide dedicated expertise to companies in their core business targeted markets. We felt it the right time to create a dedicated platform to build a stronger client and candidate service offering, but also continue to leverage the growth of the Regulatory and Legal specialization. The creation of Larson Maddox also adds a unique opportunity to partner with our long-established sister brands, such as Selby Jennings and DSJ Global, which fall within the Phaidon International group portfolio.

How has the Regulatory and Legal team evolved over the last few years? Can you tell us about any key team successes?

The team at Larson Maddox has evolved incredibly quickly and, even I can admit, we are more successful than originally anticipated. We have grown by over 200% since first inception and tripled size in terms of headcount. When looking at notable key successes, we are in the midst of a super challenging and unpredictable recruitment landscape – launching a brand against the post-pandemic backdrop has not been without its difficulties.

Subsequentially, we immediately adapted to our client’s particular needs, which in turn, caused a greater demand to partner with a specialized firm that can relate and understand how to navigate this new terrain. In this light, we have meticulously crafted deeper relationships with our clients to ultimately help them rebuild after a problematic 2020.

Larson Maddox is built on the foundations of growth; a model that makes us more resilient and smarter in how we better support our valued clients and candidates. We understand partnerships are important, but superb results and efficient delivery is what clients can expect to see from us – our micro-specialist model ensures that this requirement is met.

How does the Larson Maddox platform help our candidate and client base?

At Larson Maddox, we provide bespoke talent solutions for clients that meet our key USP’s, which encompass speed, accuracy, and global reach. Our expert team are not only specialized in the Regulatory and Legal sector, but attain industry-specific knowledge of the niche markets they serve. We are true, long-term talent partners offering a competitive service that also taps into the market – keeping you up to date on market intelligence, research, hiring advice, diversity recruitment consulting, industry events, and much more. We don’t simply place candidates, it’s about the holistic process and providing advice, such as improving the overall hiring process, to clients is a crucial pillar.

From a candidate lens, we connect Regulatory and Legal professionals with industry-leading opportunities at top organizations and law practices. With our multi-sector view of the market, we provide insight into the latest hiring trends to connect professionals with unique opportunities that align to their particular interests and goals. The Larson Maddox team can help candidates navigate highly competitive job markets, but additionally, with an expert view of the current talent landscape, we can support candidates’ transition from Corporate & Securities Counsel to Commercial Counsel for example, or vice versa, if that’s where their career path takes them. We work closely with candidates at every stage of the recruitment process from interview advice, relocation, to prepping on their first day.

In similarity to our parent company, Phaidon International, we follow a 360 model – in essence, this means the person you touch base with on that first phone call, will be the same person you close and negotiate offers with. We adopt a partnership approach for clients and candidates, which offers exposure to a wealth of expertise from the team and support ensuring targets are met.

Where do you see this brand going in the future, and beyond?

I’m a very ambitious person – I like to shoot for the moon. The sky is truly the limit within Regulatory and Legal, which currently stands at a billion-dollar plus recruitment market. The exciting part of working in Regulatory and Legal is that the industry is extensive and, with so many different avenues to potentially explore, our clients need us now more than ever.

In terms of future goals, this falls into a confluence of factors that shape a core part of our DNA: reliability, delivery, results, and a cohesive service for clients and candidates. Looking ahead, I want Larson Maddox to be a household name that people immediately think of for their talent demands. Speed is incredibly important; more often than not clients want results delivered quickly. Larson Maddox adds value by filling roles with speed and tenacity, so businesses can focus on their revenue-generating targets and growth strategies.

Regarding the external market opportunity, already there is a greater need for industry-leading Regulatory and Legal talent. According to our research, due to the global pandemic less attorneys are graduating from law school, which has caused an increasing demand to hand-pick the best from this sparse talent pool. Partnering with a specialized talent entity that can orient a challenging market and identify top professionals before competitors will be crucial; Larson Maddox ultimately solves this business-critical need.