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Virtual Recruitment Landscape: Reset and Reboot

Posted on July 2021

Virtual Recruitment Landscape: Reset and Reboot

​The historical events of the past year made most firms pivot and re-evaluate their talent acquisition processes. Despite the resetting of traditional workplace rules, on the back of many businesses continuing to limit travel and in-person collaboration, what can be said for the virtual recruitment landscape then? 

At Larson Maddox, a subsidiary brand of the award-winning Phaidon International group, we recently engaged with our extensive Regulatory and Legal network. In the latest survey, the mandate is clear:  88% of respondents  report that they are still conducting digital interviews. 

How can employers capitalize on a dynamic talent market when face-to-face contact has primarily been refuted? The answer lies deep-rooted in crafting a hyper-personalized, virtual recruitment strategy that accurately assesses a candidate’s competencies and skill set, whilst also providing an immersive user-experience online. 

Download our complimentary guide to discover the digital-fast tactics that can keep your talent pipeline flowing, so you can lead from the front. 

The Full Report Covers: 

• The Virtual Recruitment Landscape: Reset and Reboot? 

• Recruiting Remotely: A New Playing Field 

• Idiosyncrasies and Nuances of Virtual Recruiting 

• Decoding the Virtual Recruitment Landscape

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