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How to Write a Great Employer Value Proposition

Posted on July 2021

The Key to Writing a Great Employer Value Proposition

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for lawyers is projected to rise by a 4% growth rate in the next decade. This narrative underlines the quickly evolving Regulatory and Legal sector. As demands for specialists increase, businesses are now focusing their efforts to develop attractive employer brands to attain industry-leading talent.

A beneficial way to get your firm heard in a busy hiring pool is to develop an Employer Value Proposition, or EVP. This ‘pitch’ by a company outlines why working for them is a brilliant career choice, which in turn, helps pick up exceptional and fitting recruits. Anthony Hanna, Vice President at Larson Maddox, states, "an EVP is crucial to securing top legal talent on the market because, when lawyers make a move, they want to know that their work will benefit the company towards a common goal."

This resource guide outlines how to curate a strong EVP. This includes the information needed from stakeholders and existing employees, but also advice on how to craft your EVP to attract candidates who will be a good cultural fit.

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