APAC Regulatory & Legal Salary Guide

APAC Regulatory & Legal Salary Guide

Compensation benchmarking in key regulatory & legal industries across the Asia Pacific.

​Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving global business landscape, an increasing number of enterprises are strategically establishing new offices in the Asia Pacific region. This trend is notably pronounced in Hong Kong and Singapore, where the governments' proactive initiatives to elevate the fintech and clean energy sectors have attracted firms from both local and overseas companies.

As businesses within APAC increasingly expand, regulatory and legal talent has become integral to ensuring compliance and success in this highly diverse region. The hiring of highly experienced regulatory and legal talent is proving to be critical and companies that prioritise high-calibre talent will ultimately see smoother and more consistent growth.

Larson Maddox has experienced a notable uptick in queries related to the topic of competitive salary packages that are crucial for attracting and retaining these essential experts. As your dedicated talent partner, we stand ready to assist you. Our thorough salary guide provides unmatched insights into current compensation trends across financial and non-financial services, including:

    • Buy Side / Sell Side

    • Commodities

    • Fintech

    • Consulting

    • Trading & Brokerage

    • Non-Financial Services

Whether you represent an organisation seeking to recruit top legal talent or are an experienced professional aiming to assess your compensation compared to industry counterparts, this salary guide is an essential tool for navigating the regulatory and legal salary landscape in the Asia Pacific.

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