Hire World-Class Regulatory & Legal Talent in Financial Services

In the fast-paced realm of financial services, every decision is anchored to specific legal standards. With evolving technology and shifting regulations, the hunt for elite legal professionals becomes more vital than ever. Yet, pinpointing and recruiting these experts is a daunting task, especially given the dynamic digital landscape. Knowing what's essential today and anticipating tomorrow's demands is crucial.

Larson Maddox is your solution. More than just filling roles, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the financial sector's nuanced demands. We ensure that each candidate isn't just a fit for today, but a valuable asset for the future. With Larson Maddox, you're investing in a future-proof team.

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Assisting in Sourcing Regulatory & Legal Professionals for Financial Services




Investment Banking

Investment Management

Venture Capital

Wealth Management


Larson Maddox's specialized team for Financial Services talent acquisition excels in connecting businesses with elite legal and compliance experts. Recognizing the unique dynamics and ethos of each client, we tap into our extensive network of top-tier executives. Tailoring our approach to meet the individual requirements of each sector, Larson Maddox is dedicated to introducing the foremost legal and compliance professionals available in today's market.

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Roles we typically hire

Trust Compliance Officers

Executive & Personal Assistants

Compliance Accounting Managers

Regulatory Reporting Associates

Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance Analyst

Corporate Actions Specialist

Director Regulatory Compliance

Senior Pricing Analyst

Fund Formation Counsel

Financial Services Regulation Lawyer

Financial Services Regulatory Counsel

Trade Finance Senior Lawyer

Private Credit Solicitor

VP Trading Compliance

CRA Officers

The Benefits of Diving into the Larson Maddox Recruitment Expertise

  1. Mitigate Recruitment Risks: The cost of a mis-hire, both financially and strategically, can be significant. Our rigorous screening and assessment processes minimize these risks, ensuring that you onboard talent that aligns with your business objectives.

  2. Stay Ahead with Proactive Hiring: In a sector as dynamic as financial services, reactive hiring can lead to missed opportunities. We champion a proactive approach, building a talent pipeline that's not just apt for today but also future-ready.

  3. Bespoke Recruitment Solutions: Recognizing that no two financial institutions have the same needs, our hiring strategies are tailored. This bespoke approach ensures that you're paired with candidates that resonate with your institution's ethos and goals.

  4. Continual Market Insight: Our fingers are always on the pulse of the financial world. This continual market insight allows us to counsel clients on emerging recruitment trends, salary benchmarks, and evolving skillset demands.

Elevate Your Hiring Strategy with Larson Maddox

In the high-stakes game of financial services, the right recruitment decisions can propel your institution to unprecedented heights. Choose Larson Maddox: where hiring transcends mere placement, evolving into a strategic partnership.

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