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Our business priority is talent, so yours doesn’t have to be.

Across a variety of industries from financial services and technology to pharma and manufacturing, the importance of and demand for top regulatory and legal talent continues to grow. More than ever, businesses demand a workforce that can make bold, intuitive decisions that pull them into the future and ahead of the competition.

For more than 15 years, we have guided businesses through the talent acquisition process to secure the business-critical talent they need. Today, Larson Maddox provides permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment from our global offices.

We know creating the right team is rarely easy. It takes time, dedication and expertise, as it should. Our continual investment in industry relationships, best-in-class technologies, and consultant training enables us to recruit with speed, precision and accuracy.

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How We Operate

In an industry where no two companies are the same, neither are your talent needs. We offer a range of bespoke recruitment solutions so that, together, we can choose what works best for you. Whether you are looking for one person or one hundred to oversee a time-sensitive project or lead long-term growth, we will deliver exactly the people you need, when you need them.

At Larson Maddox, our team of specialist recruiters are experts in delivering expert In-House leg...


At Larson Maddox, our top-performing team of specialists are experts in sourcing the best-in-clas...

Making a difference

Working closely with businesses to identify specific needs, our strategic account management team offers tailored solutions to deliver results.

As part ofPhaidon International, we invest in our client’s growth through a number of value-adding services, distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the market with the following:

    • Talent analysis

    • Interview experience insights

    • Interview preparation

    • Market updates and talent trend reports

    • Employer value propositions

    • Salary benchmarking

    • Hiring tips & resources

    • Invitations to exclusive events & webinars

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Our Awards

  • Best & Brightest Companies to work for in the Nation 2022
  • SIA Best Staffing Firms to Work For 2022
  • Comparably Best Company Culture 2021
  • San Francisco Best & Brightest Company to Work for 2021​
  • Comparably Best Companies for Career Growth 2021
  • Comparably Best CEOs for Women 2021
  • Comparably Best CEOs for Diversity 2021
  • Chicago Best & Brightest Company to Work for 2021​
  • Comparably- Best Team Sales 2021
  • SIA Best Staffing Firms to work for - 2021
  • Comparably- Best Company NY 2021
  • SIA Fastest Growing - 2020
  • Best & Brightest in Nation - 2020
  • Comparably- Best Company Happiness 2020
  • Best & Brightest - Chicago 2020
  • Comparably- Best Company Professional Development 2020
  • SIA Largest Direct Hire - 2020
  • Comparably- Best Company Leadership 2020
  • Best & Brightest - Charlotte 2020
  • Comparably- Best Company Diversity 2020
  • Best & Brightest - Dallas 2020
  • Comparably - Best Company Culture 2020
  • Best & Brightest - Boston 2020
  • Comparably - Best CEO for Women 2020
  • Best & Brightest - San Fran 2020