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USA Regulatory & Legal Salary Guide

Posted on January 2024

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Compensation benchmarking in key regulatory & legal industries across the US.

The US legal market is a bustling arena, housing the headquarters of global legal giants spanning diverse industries. In this fiercely competitive domain, the drive for excellence is intensifying as the costs of living and conducting business soar. Clients, regulators, and stakeholders press for more, urging regulatory & legal entities to elevate performance, efficiency, and quality while adopting proactive, strategic legal approaches.

With this constant change and economic flux, the art of delivering heightened value while navigating industry shifts has become even more critical. And at the heart of this success lies talent. Top-tier professionals are essential for companies seeking the ultimate competitive edge.

At Larson Maddox, we've witnessed a surge in inquiries surrounding the crucial question of competitive salary packages essential to attract and retain these pivotal experts. As your dedicated talent partner, we're here to assist. Our comprehensive salary guide offers unparalleled insights into compensation trends across:

  • Big Law

  • Am Law 100-200 Firms

  • Trust, Estate & Family Office

  • Regulatory

  • Financial Services

  • Manufacturing & Consumer Goods

  • Energy, Construction & Infrastructure

  • Life Sciences

  • Technology, Media & Entertainment

Whether you're an organization looking to hire the sharpest legal minds or a seasoned professional aiming to benchmark your compensation against industry peers, this salary guide is the key tool you need to navigate the US regulatory & legal salary landscape.