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Larson Maddox Expands its Regulatory and Legal Services in the Southeast US

Posted on November 2023

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Previously servicing the wider Southeast US through our other offices, we’ve now expanded with a presence on the ground in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a leading regulatory & legal talent partner, we can better support local businesses with finding the right regulatory and legal talent they need to succeed.

Jake Knowlton-Parry, Managing Director and Global Head of Regulatory and Legal at Larson Maddox, shared his insights on the company’s expansion:

Larson Maddox’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable this year, nearly doubling our team size and enhancing our resources to better service businesses and professionals in Charlotte.

“Our physical presence in the Southeast means that we can have more in-person meetings, expand our network of legal experts, and build stronger relationships in the surrounding area, so we can provide even better localized market insights and thought leadership as the regulatory and legal industry’s premier talent partner.”

When asked about the impact Larson Maddox aims to achieve in the Southeast, Jake added:

This move is not just about us - it’s about driving success for everyone in the market by creating value for the businesses and professionals we serve. We’re not just growing - we are enabling growth for others in the local area."

The Appeal of Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, the 8th fastest-growing city in the US, offers a vibrant business landscape teeming with opportunities. Larson Maddox is eager to be at the forefront of this growth, providing steadfast support and forming strong partnerships with organizations in the region.

Leading this exciting endeavor is Hannah Hunt, Head of Southeast Regulatory at Larson Maddox in Charlotte. When asked why they settled on Charlotte, Hannah shared:

“The Southeast is a huge market for regulatory and legal across all industries. We decided to expand here specifically to support our existing clients and professionals, and to build as many new relationships as possible – it just made sense to have a physical presence here in Charlotte."

Hannah added, “Right now we are also seeing more businesses move to the Southeast, and existing businesses in the area are continuing to grow. We want to be a part of that and serve as a true talent partner, and the best way we know how is to show up and walk alongside them.”

About Larson Maddox

The Larson Maddox team specializes in the regulatory and legal market, securing senior-level positions across specialist industry verticals including financial services, life sciences, technology, media and entertainment, and private practice.

With a physical presence in the US across New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and now Charlotte, we can help businesses solve their regulatory and legal challenges. As a thought leader in this space, we are having daily discussions with our clients on the emerging markets and talent trends, so they can secure the best talent and stay ahead of any regulatory and legal issues.

Request a call back to have a confidential discussion with one of our talent specialists. If you’re a legal professional searching for your next opportunity, view job opportunities here.