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General Counsels: The Rising Stars in Boardroom Selections

Posted on October 2023

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In the ever-evolving corporate world, the hunt for board members who are not just strategic thinkers but also astute in legal, regulatory, and technology matters is intensifying. Against this backdrop, General Counsels (GCs) are emerging as attractive candidates for board seats. At Larson Maddox, we will explore why, in an era marked by heightened regulatory scrutiny and the onset of disruptive technologies, GCs are becoming the go-to choices for corporate boards.

In-depth Legal and Regulatory Acumen

Traditionally, the role of a General Counsel has been to provide legal advice to an organization, ensuring that its dealings are compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Over the years, this role has evolved to include strategic thinking, risk management, and even participation in business decisions. With corporations now under the microscope of regulators more than ever, having someone on the board who understands not just the letter but also the spirit of the law is invaluable.

A Finger on the Pulse of Disruptive Technology

We're in the midst of a technological revolution. From artificial intelligence and blockchain to gene editing and beyond, disruptive technologies are changing the way businesses operate. GCs are at the forefront of understanding the legal implications of these advancements. As companies explore new frontiers, they need board members who can navigate the murky waters of innovation while keeping potential legal pitfalls in check.

Ethical Guardianship

With a slew of corporate scandals making headlines over the past decade, the emphasis on corporate governance and ethics has grown manifold. GCs are trained to consider not just the profitability but also the propriety of business decisions. Their ethical compass and commitment to doing what's right make them ideal candidates for the board, especially when reputational risks are high.

Diverse Perspective

As boards seek to diversify their composition, GCs bring a unique blend of legal acuity and business insight. Their multifaceted roles expose them to various aspects of a business – from operations and HR to finance and marketing. This holistic view ensures that boards benefit from a well-rounded perspective that combines legal caution with business ambition.

Adaptable Negotiators

A significant portion of a GC's role involves negotiations, whether with regulators, partners, or even internal teams. This skill is crucial in the boardroom, especially when making decisions that require consensus or when the company is exploring partnerships, mergers, or acquisitions.

The Path Forward

It's clear that in the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny and the rapid pace of technological change, boards must get creative in their selections. The traditional archetype of a board member is evolving, and GCs fit perfectly into this new mold.

However, while GCs are compelling candidates, it's essential to ensure that they also receive the right support and training to transition smoothly from their executive roles to effective board members.

In today's rapidly shifting corporate landscape, the role of General Counsels in boardrooms is no longer just a trend—it's an essential strategic move. With their unique fusion of legal expertise, ethical oversight, and comprehensive business acumen, General Counsels are perfectly equipped to provide resilient and informed corporate decision-making.

If you're a General Counsel looking to amplify your impact and explore new opportunities, we at Larson Maddox invite you to submit your resume. We're at the forefront, connecting talented GCs with forward-thinking corporations that recognize and value their distinct expertise.

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Ready to find the perfect General Counsel match for your organization? Reach out to us at Larson Maddox. Let's work together to ensure your business is equipped to navigate tomorrow's challenges with confidence and expertise.