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Key Takeaways from the Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law Conference

Posted on August 2023

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At Larson Maddox, we are deeply committed to championing diversity and promoting professional growth in the legal industry. We recently reaffirmed our dedication to this cause at the Women Leaders in Life Sciences Legal conference, an inspiring event hosted by the American Conference Institute. The conference took place in the historic city of Boston on July 26-27, and we are thrilled to share the insights and takeaways from this enriching experience.

The conference's central purpose was to increase the prominence of women through professional development, substantive legal discussion, and woman-to-woman networking. Our very own Lauren Robinson, Vice President of Larson Maddox and Head of Legal Recruitment for Life Sciences & Healthcare, East Coast & Midwest, spoke on a panel discussion titled, "Navigating Detours in Your Career Journey." The panel brought together a diverse group of female leaders who have successfully shifted their career paths within the ever-evolving realm of life sciences law. Lauren was the only recruiter amidst accomplished attorneys on the stage, where she had the privilege to share her insights on how to make your resume stand out and how to best position yourself to land your next opportunity in life sciences law. Here are the key insights she shared:

1. Networking is the Catalyst for Success

The first tip that Lauren shared is to network with everyone, and anyone. Networking is the cornerstone of any successful career, and it’s more than just building contacts— it's about forging meaningful connections. She recommends engaging with a diverse range of professionals, from peers to industry experts. These connections can lead to unexpected opportunities and perspectives, opening doors you might not have previously considered.

2. Tailoring your Resume: Precision Matters

When it comes to your resume, specificity reigns supreme. Lauren emphasized the significance of tailoring your resume to the role you're pursuing. Highlight how your skills, experiences, and accomplishments directly align with the job's requirements. In a competitive landscape, the power of showcasing your niche expertise cannot be understated. This resonates strongly in the life sciences legal field, where specialized knowledge is prized. A tailored resume, thoughtfully crafted to align with the role's nuances, can significantly enhance your chances of standing out.

3. Showcasing Beyond Work Achievements

Beyond professional achievements, don't hesitate to share your extracurricular accomplishments, too. In the life sciences legal arena, sharing publications, speaking engagements, pro bono work, and community involvement not only showcases dedication and well roundedness, but also underscores your capacity to make a meaningful impact beyond the professional sphere.

4. Take the Generalist Approch for GC Roles

Lauren revealed that many General Counsel (GC) hiring managers are typically looking for generalists, which makes having a broad legal background key. GCs serve as strategic legal advisors, requiring them to navigate areas from compliance to contracts. Versatility equips them to offer comprehensive counsel that blends legal acumen with business strategy. Embrace diverse experiences, stay updated on legal trends, network broadly, and be adaptable. In the dynamic life sciences sector, a GC's ability to traverse various legal landscapes is invaluable, enhancing their role as leaders and legal compasses.

5. Spotlight Hands-On Proficiency

If you're targeting a big role at a startup or smaller organization, it is essential to highlight your hands-on experience, not just what you're overseeing. Lauren shared that for growing companies, showcasing direct contributions demonstrates adaptability, empathy, and immediate impact. Concrete success stories and specific skills validate what's written on your resume while also demonstrating your ability to work well with others. By presenting yourself as a leader ready to engage, you align with the fast-paced, dynamic nature of startups, fostering collaboration and driving growth.

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