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7 Ways to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

Posted on January 2022

7 Ways to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

If you have surfaced from a rigorous interview process within the Regulatory and Legal sector with a job and an attractive salary offer, it can be tempting to say “yes” before considering elements of the offer which will deeply impact on your quality of life.

Even if a job offer has it all down on paper, perhaps you witnessed a few warning signs within the company in the recruitment process. If you didn’t see eye-to-eye with your prospective manager during multiple interview rounds, or feel like you may struggle with the new remote working responsibilities, it pays to balance out every aspect of the offer before you devise a concrete decision and close your job hunt.

Allison DeLorenzo, Associate Vice President at Larson Maddox, comments, “what makes an offer worth taking comes down to what motivates the person receiving an offer. Whether it is a culture change, a step up in responsibilities, higher compensation, more benefits, or all the of the above,it fundamentally stems down to what will make you happy in the long run."

This guide for candidates lists the questions you need to ask before accepting or rejecting a job offer. Since you will be spending upwards of 40 hours a week at this new role, it is vital that you consider imperative factors, such as company culture and opportunities for career development, alongside initial salary and benefits.  

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