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5 Reasons Why Counteroffers are a Waste of Time and Money

Posted on June 2021

5 Reasons Why Counteroffers are a Waste of Time and Money

Skilled employees with industry-leading expertise are essential to Regulatory and Legal, and in a buoyant job market, it is likely for employers to want to retain their best performing professionals when they hand in their resignation.

Research from Robert Half has discovered that 58% of senior managers across finance, tech, legal, and marketing will extend a counter-offer to leaving employees in a bid to keep them from pursuing greener pastures.

Though this seems like a solution to retaining valuable staff, a counter-offer more often than not is a waste of time and money in a highly active market. Companies therefore have to get, “creative in employing new tactics to both attract and retain talent”, comments Anthony Hanna, Vice President at Larson Maddox.

This article discloses the main reasons why you should reconsider providing a counter-offer to an employee who has decided to resign, and what alternatives are readily available to help solve long-term issues rather than finding quick-fix solutions. 

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